CentOS Sound problem

Once I got CentOS up and running it was time to look at the smaller things that didn’t work out of the box, like sound. I looked at a lot of websites and troubleshot for a long time before finally figuring out that I just needed to install a more recent version of ALSA for my on board sound card to be recognized. I even tried booting to my Ubuntu live CD to see if the sound worked, so I could use that as a starting point. Even Ubuntu 8.04 live CD didn’t recognize my sound card.

Installed new version of ALSA following these instructions:

Edit the repository list

vi /etc/yum.conf

Add this to the end of the file:

name=EL $releasever – $basearch – ATrpms

Import the atrpms key:

rpm –import http://ATrpms.net/RPM-GPG-KEY.atrpms

Found these instructions on the Linux Laptop Wiki

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